2, use the domain name suffix conventional increase user experience.

The domain name suffix

3, domain name access

1, the domain name as short as possible, the shorter the domain name, the user’s memory cost is low; the name of the site or domain name and website theme echoes is conducive to Shanghai dragon.

which form of love Shanghai web search has no effect, but also need to consider the domain name suffix user memory. 贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Net and other common suffix users more easy to remember, some common suffixes may allow the user to create a sense of trust, increase the cost of the user’s judgment. For example,.Tw,.Tm,.Travel,.Info and other domain many users have not seen, and now through the web site of telecommunications fraud fraud more and more, users see the domain name suffix is likely after one visit will not visit this web site to the search engine will be friendly, so that the owners try to purchase conventional the domain name suffix.


, a domain name of the Shanghai dragon value

said to Chinese network starting point here, as a senior network bookworm, no less Tucao too old. Starting point: 贵族宝贝cmfu贵族宝贝, although the four letter domain name, but always remember, every time I go to the starting point Chinese only through reading network favorites and search engine search way to go to the site, in the in February 2008, the new starting point. Chinese network enabled 贵族宝贝qidian贵族宝贝, most people only see this web site, you can remember, very convenient, and according to the Chinese search preferences, love direct search pinyin "Qidian", but also directly in the striking position of search results show the starting point Chinese net, especially the English the domain name and the starting point Chinese web site name echoes the transformation effect brings is very impressive, it is easy for users to remember For domain names, as well as more users visit the site more convenient, traffic and popularity increased, the search engine is also the site of increased friendliness, forming a good Shanghai Longfeng virtuous circle. Of course, whether it is good to remember domain name, or related to the theme of the domain name, web site operators are auxiliary, can not bring fundamental influence on site operations.

The stability of

domain name is part of the URL, said URL Shanghai Longfeng value, first to mention the name of Shanghai Longfeng value. Of course, most of the value domain of Shanghai dragon is not directly reflected in the love of Shanghai "search, but by improving the user experience so as to realize the value of Shanghai dragon.

URL access directly affects the user experience of the website, will also affect the search engines crawl, so webmaster domain operators need to choose good, choose the regular space business strength, to ensure that the user access speed and stability. So the search engine.