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(1) site location and the value of

website optimization Shanghai dragon today is 7, 8 years, while in the middle of 4 years to do business, but has recently started to come back to do the regression of Shanghai Longfeng, hope to do some things through this, may we all say why and come back to do this, it is a bonus business period, the entire electricity supplier environment is getting worse, now requires money, resources, relationship, team, has been very difficult for the grassroots, compared Shanghai dragon although it is more and more difficult, but the threshold is not high, today on the tension of a new understanding of Shanghai Longfeng recently, especially large website of Shanghai Longfeng strategy.

now love Shanghai is ranked at the weights of the website, website have the right to revisit a lot of traffic, no traffic are not a little weight, but also not Gaga chain is relatively easy ranking, so now not before tension that some enterprise stand optimization to make money. Do large website also can see Shanghai Dragon technology, and the basic technical content of small website is very low, see a lot of people posting on some websites still say what density, the website domain name, it is actually negligible. Now the only big website to swim a good ranking, to the small website is actually very difficult to obtain a large number of search engine optimization flow, so I tend to expand the site.

website before we have to think about a problem now? What do website? Do the site can meet the demand of the market demand what? How to meet the demand of large-scale? What, what to do? What is the competition? How long do we need to travel? (cash profit model)? What I do this the advantage of

1, Shanghai dragon small website optimization Website

I think beauty is always the constant pursuit of human, female users with a very high value, and this group is very large, then I consider the beauty of what is related to the current online comparison and lack of fire, I think the beauty instrument (before I do cross-border Japanese beauty instrument) with the development of the industry, cross-border and the beauty industry, demand is very strong, especially after 90 buy Beauty Instrument in overseas, and the Internet basically can not find a lot of beautiful.


see the QQ group and some forums, a lot of grassroots webmaster is very confused and do not know what to do website, or do not earn money. Many webmasters will see others this website to do good, or to do, choose a set of CMS system, others website templates, website is made, but development is not down, imitate the very surface, but eventually died. Here to share a set of logic of a site before a large tension of thinking for everyone.

is now on the market demand is very strong is the fire and the entire Internet is what is lack of jealousy? (another point in thinking about what kind of people have very high market value?)

The 2, website optimization ?