as personal webmaster, do the station did a lot, including some industry enterprises, stations, station and Taobao game show off. Have worked in the company, is their own business, and to work to help a friend. No matter where, all cannot do without the search engine optimization, more precisely, cannot do without writing the hair of the chain, which runs through the last few years I bit. But before the hair of the chain sometimes with a soft, sometimes to buy links, different take different dominant methods. Recently began the road of the site, so they return to the days around the link. It is really not easy, this paper thoroughly from the front to do all kinds of pain to share links and


second, summarize the overall situation included: the hair of the chain of veteran is very easy, but to the novice like me, the hand is not the resource that is hard to do. One day I made a total of about 115, which is the title 1, deleted 8 or so, the remaining 100 early, most included 53, about 50% less than the proportion of. Although the completion of the daily tasks prescribed, but from nine in the morning until 11 at night, the efficiency is a complete failure. But I am pure manual post, if the machine or software, the other said that.

a lot of people have a variety of tactics to do optimization, such as link bait, such as high quality soft wen. As a grassroots, what a bit far away from me, my master is wide, the hair of the chain is the most honest, because their current level here. Well, to share all sentiment and harvest the first day of work in:

: the first batch query: learn to use the tools I chose ten or twenty large and small platform, whether to choose what kind of platform, ultimately comes down to query whether or not included. If you have hundreds, every single query, it not only tired, and a lot of time. If you don’t query, then do not know which platform effect is good, the future work is no significance. So, have to use batch query tools included. The specific examples in Shanghai, love search can find a lot of good use. In addition, the chain end of the best use of Excel table records, query, delete, add operation. As shown in figure

Comparing ! .

third, post: the hair of the chain must ultimately write posts here I mainly adopt the form of two. The first to write posts for themselves, and then released to the blog, forum, question answering system. Another is the reply posts, hang signature. Write post is 500-600, finished to release 3-5 place. But I found that even if their original posts, if in the same place released more than 3, then included will slow down, it’s just the way I feel. This day to many, but rarely included, included rate less than 20%. The second is to keep the replies, the fastest, most people with. If you find a good forum, the collection rate is particularly high, but hang signature >