love Shanghai stop by some Shanghai dragon forum, Shanghai dragon forum is all the forums and the most active, whether it is included in the rate and page optimization from the website popularity, post number, love Shanghai are significantly better than the other type of forum, actually this is also very normal, because the owner of these forums are usually website optimization the master, they know the search engine, is Shanghai Longfeng community for the elderly.

the two should be the main reason, in order to let the love of Shanghai website article re included, can be modified according to these two points,

second: restricted membership registration, or limit the low level of the members, these members can only let the thread, keep fresh forum articles, ensure the original article. The article first appeared in Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝809贵族宝贝/Article/44.aspx, reproduced please indicate the source: 贵族宝贝0577ck贵族宝贝


how do ah?

this is what reason? May I summarize some reasons some of the following:


these two days recently found a time comparison of the fire and www. Shanghai jiu贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng website love has stopped included a period of time, this site is relatively optimal or good, optimization specific means here is not explained, after all, he who is dedicated to do the optimization, also take some list and do some optimization of the training work, but has not

many people do external links are posted in these optimization good BBS or post reply, if you love Shanghai collection of this post, it will bring a chain to their site, the effect is still there.

: the first recruitment forum for security personnel, the price stability of the server, to avoid being attacked by

second, original content is not high: now many of the forum almost no original thing, 99% of the content are all copied from each other, so although the number of day forum posting is very high, but because the original is not high, after the post was collected and easy to be deleted, so in the course of time it is easy to cause the weight of the website down.




first, the server is not stable, more like these visits and forums, such as the 28 push these site visits are relatively large, rely on these website stationmaster income is good, so we will damage the interests of others, the site of attack, causing the site often not open the server is not stable, love Shanghai, will think you have problems, affect the spider crawling and user access.