so, how do we create content? How to have more valuable content to users? According to Peng Jinjie’s experience, it can be divided into two points:

From the


of course, this form of the update are exquisite and skills, such as the use of long tail keywords mining, layout and the title of the article is a knowledge. This article is to explain the content, on the other aspects do not discuss skills.

of course, this strategy is mainly to encourage users to spontaneously generated content, mobilize the users to participate in the content is king, is also the site of the activity and.

so, content from the beginning to the end will be the foundation of the whole heart and the internet.


later the website slowly appeared Forum (including the now relatively hot mobile community), SNS, and even now the portal using submission function, on behalf of all users spontaneously generated content. The advantages of this strategy from the contents of many time-saving, is not to say, more important is to greatly enhance the efficiency, to create more content for the website, but the content is user self generated, the resulting content is generally representative of this is a user demand content.

, the user enters your website, how to attract and retain your customers, and nothing else, for you to provide them with valuable content, to meet their needs (a service and content).

can be divided into 2 points: the site personnel own daily update and edit through a variety of strategies and policies caused by the user spontaneous formation of content updates.


early websites tend to be more spontaneous website editing content, is a "self-sufficient" state, the representative of enterprise information portal, website etc.. The content in the form of efficiency is relatively low, time-consuming, and easy to dry material. But the contents of the quality control strategies are more likely to provide more content, high quality content, and is a site operation essential.

the other hand, only have the content, your website can form more pages, the page you can layout more keywords, you can have more opportunities to get the search engine keyword ranking and traffic.

this site update strategy is a website foundation and foundation, without which a website is "castles in the air, you have more strategy, more business model is to" make bricks without straw".

Shanghai dragon people are very aware of the fact that regardless of past, present or future, for a web site, content is the basis, which are key points in the website operation.


1. is the site of the normal update.