the comparison before and after release comprehensive data of 10 sites:


first, before talking about the identification of links cheating, to assume a point of view, Shanghai dragon, do not use, may feel, perhaps this kind of thing to think about search engine. Although most of the employees are in Shanghai dragon with the search engine algorithm, struggle, but often these feelings, perhaps, may make a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is becoming actually not understandable. So, we need to assume their own point of view, to demonstrate with a lot of experiments, in order to get the core idea behind the sort.

cheat link!

from the screenshot above we can according to the aforementioned assumptions for the link dimensions of dismantling, cheating, search engine hit a severe black chain (hidden links) and links to purchase, no matter what kind of search engine, has a unique identification system of their own, although we do not know the mechanism however, we can demonstrate through hypothesis.

The following


experimental requirements: A, multiple random site optimization; consistency

search engine on the "chain" of the article, the vast majority will emphasize the value of the chain, rarely to emphasize reaction behind the link, which is today to give you the depth of interpretation links cheating. The author in Shanghai Longfeng fields for many years, but in the search engine link analysis, witnessed various links for ranking up and down, also tested hundreds of site ranking trends. This time we use the actual case as in the past, ranking to give you the full interpretation of the secret behind the


experimental hypotheses: for 10 random site to keep the link position consistent with the release of 100 one-way Links, speed for 3 days after release, the trigger link cheating hypothesis.

experimental procedures and experimental methods:


search engine is through a simple understanding of the artificial developed program related keywords ranking result of user request. For example, your web site search box is actually a search engine, and different search engine ranking (algorithm) is similar, but no matter what kind of search engine, in short, have their own unique results ranking formula for web ranking results. Here we come to know the love inside Shanghai a hyperlink analysis system screenshots, as shown below:

above two screenshot is a screenshot of love within Shanghai site link hyperlink analysis system platform. From the figure we can know that the two core indicators, one is the link dimension, the other is a link recommendation.

B, keep the link position