second: time to buy or brush fans

compared to other means of marketing network marketing has its limitations, is the scope of the promotion co.. But the disadvantages do not let micro-blog marketing is because the promotion be cast into the shade, the scope is limited, let micro-blog marketing of higher precision, the conversion rate will be higher, let the author to share with you some of the marketing skills of micro-blog

micro blog, micro-blog, the rapid rise and has become one of the most popular media information release platform has social sharing community in the past two years, and has replaced the trend forum. Micro-blog marketing brings wonderful information sharing to the user, but also brings infinite business opportunities for all online marketers and businesses, the use of micro-blog marketing is not a new thing, but micro-blog marketing is bound to develop faster and better.

micro-blog marketing content? The author thinks that we should do the following:

the number of fans to a similar decorative feature in micro-blog, a large number of micro-blog fans, tend to attract other micro-blog users come to the onlookers, but a new micro-blog fans for a time to reach tens of thousands is almost impossible, unless you are a star. That should be how to do? The answer is very simple, buy fans or brush fans! You might say, they bought or brush to fans and would not comment, but not reprint, what is the use? It says, the number of fans have a micro-blog.


(1) screening object. Micro-blog the purpose of marketing is to let the fans pay attention to your micro-blog, to pay attention to your products or business purposes. Therefore, micro-blog selected content must first consider the various factors of customer, such as user groups, which is the user’s occupation is what users need most is what, then in accordance with these principles to some website content editing and publication collection.

a simple micro-blog is how to hype up overnight? The answer is very simple, is micro-blog’s valuable content, attract the attention of the user, thus lead to viral forwarding, and finally achieve the purpose of speculation. Therefore, let the fans loyal to you, your micro-blog content must be attractive.

Of course, micro-blog

(2) innovative content. Micro-blog interesting content is the users most want to see, micro-blog is a leisure and relaxation of the tool, if you release some repeated, serious rigid content every day, there is no reason for micro-blog users to browse, forwarding. Therefore, select the micro-blog content second points is required to have new ideas, new ideas need not be original, but as much as possible so that their content is more lively, can be coupled with the Internet’s most popular elements and statements, such as "Fang Yuan how you look like, like this can attract the user’s eye.

: the first choice of micro-blog

How to select the micro-blog ! essential content