for the same reason, the management of knowledge is also very important in Shanghai dragon. Management decisions affecting the entire enterprise, if it is decided in the case of absolutely ignorant of Shanghai dragon, often have a devastating effect on the Shanghai dragon. Even if the development team, the designer and writing staff with Shanghai dragon training, managers often become obstacles, because they do not understand the supervisor should know Shanghai dragon, this is a common problem.

introduced Shanghai Longfeng consultant is on your site audit. This will find new opportunities that you miss something, make sure you do the right thing. The following is please consultant of Shanghai Longfeng audit ideal time:


mechanism of Shanghai Longfeng needs, you must decide whether to hire internal staff, or the use of external consultants or service providers.

internal use of the company’s Shanghai dragon

, Shanghai dragon knowledge of online and offline marketing is a powerful tool. Many companies can not line marketing (such as the promotion of new products, TV ads) combined with the line, and the Shanghai dragon planning often decide a website or the success of the product.

members of an organization are the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon the possibility of success is much higher. Shanghai dragon team or consultant can focus on the new plan and the continued development of the optimization process, while the rest of the team can make good decisions.

if you have a solid content of Shanghai dragon team, sometimes get help from outside is meaningful. When you already have a very good team, why should the introduction of external professional knowledge? The answer lies in the complexity of Shanghai dragon itself. Shanghai, there are many aspects, including video optimization, local search, image optimization, in the competition of other countries search traffic, gadget promotion, link building and social media service strategy.

All Once you realize the Another reason why

do optimization using experienced professional Shanghai Longfeng wise, but also remember, is very important for long-term success is the Shanghai dragon all aspects of online business to Shanghai dragon professional participation. Have basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon that can accelerate the production process of software and website development department, because the understanding of Shanghai dragon development team Shanghai dragon already know what is the impact on their daily work, can continue to improve on their work. When the person is not responsible for the Shanghai dragon, they are more likely to make the right decision. Department of development of basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon professional personnel’s workload can be greatly reduced, so when the Shanghai dragon strategy search engine friendly, he checked the site, do not have to spend time in Flash, Javascript, H and ALT label text, which is to focus on more advanced solutions and strategies.

obtain professional knowledge and experience from the contractor