network marketing started from the existing network, today has so many people benefit, you and I are the network marketing directly or indirectly to the beneficiary, online shopping, online learning, online stock trading, online news… ..

with the spread of the financial crisis, and now there are a lot of people panic, and the impact on the virtual economy, such as the network is more serious. However, the author believes that this is only a temporary impact, the existence of the advantages of network marketing, corporate economic growth must be considered.

1, enterprises to reduce costs

under the financial crisis, most enterprises do not think of how to make money, but how to save money, network marketing as a marketing, has the great advantage of its investment relative to the cost of traditional marketing, the effect of traditional marketing and sometimes play a role in almost the same. Of course, different types of enterprises will have different effects, virtual entities play a greater role than the traditional entity, the role of network companies to play a larger role than traditional companies. No matter what kind of business, as long as the investment method properly, profitability is not impossible.

2, the broader audience of network marketing

a shoe ads on the newspaper, such as the Zibo area of the "Zibo Evening News", the audience is only in Zibo and the surrounding areas of Zibo, the customer base, if an American dealer to see the shoe factory in advertising, must allow manufacturers to send him a copy of the Zibo evening news, but this is not the reality of the. If the enterprise on a Zibo website to do advertising, as long as the Zibo site can normal visit and browse, I think the world is how much, the audience will face how much.

3, network marketing transparency is high

network is the information integration, including a variety of business information, purchase information and supply information, the same products of the same quality, because of the different production costs or profits will have different price. Enterprises can use this information to understand competitors and find potential partners.

4, small and medium-sized enterprises and rapid development of the booster

The number of

Chinese of small and medium-sized enterprises in about 40 million, the scale effect produced by small and medium-sized enterprises like large enterprises that have a higher visibility and mass production, so small in the competition the enterprise must make use of relatively low cost production marketing to make up for the defects of low visibility. In the procurement process, will get more information suppliers.

in addition, the global economic integration, the world economy integration is an irresistible trend, and information technology is a key factor in promoting this integration, accelerate the development of the Internet industry to come out of the economic crisis, the recovery of the real economy can play a major role in promoting. Online shopping is more attractive to consumers in terms of convenience and price. Moreover, the government of the electronic information industry (including the Internet industry), including the 9 pillar industries as a national focus on supporting industries, which will provide us