from the General Administration of Customs issued in 2012 fifteenth, the date of the announcement, to make some adjustments to domestic imports tariffs and taxes, including food, cosmetics prices, electronic equipment and clothing accessories Part slightly down. In contrast to previous changes in the magnitude of import tariffs, the import tariff adjustments will be one of the future impact of the electricity supplier enterprises forward signal.

from the new revision, it is not difficult to find that most of the luxury tax prices rise, for example: "the bird’s nest, Cordyceps sinensis per kilogram respectively from the dutiable price 15 thousand yuan per kg and 50 thousand yuan to 30 thousand yuan and 100 thousand yuan, the dutiable value part of brand-name cosmetics also significantly increase the tax rate is from perfume a bottle of 100 yuan to rise sharply to 300 yuan per bottle of"

Bo Yu import that: the customs import tariff adjustment, on the surface of " has been emphasized; some of the items " "a slight adjustment" and other factors, the vast majority of people confused, but the main direction is intriguing, see the view.

has been for imported brands and domestic brands, mainly facing the quality and price, and the Ministry of Commerce to stimulate import policy adjustment between brands will once again usher in the users to occupy the market competition. From the tax rate adjustment, and freight forwarding industry is closely related to the purchasing market is also facing the dilemma of rising costs.

on the other hand, the import tax cut part, this means that the domestic electronics industry will re shuffle to the territory, from the product, quality and price of the three contrast, the new regulations for electronic equipment import tax rate adjustment fell 10%. The prevalence of electronic commerce, electronic products have already lost profits between the traditional channels, manufacturers through the third party or self business platform and consumer contact, will inevitably bring about the problem will be the evolution of product pricing, operation cost, channel establishment etc..

the impact of the new regulations thinking:

in addition to personal articles are not affected by outside environment, for the domestic market, purchasing and other aspects of the impact of the largest transit cargo, since the dutiable price increases, both inevitable price increases after the market restrictions, not only that, the domestic high import tax environment, directly pulled the spread of local products, which leads to arouse conflicts among the products, quality and price of the three. (text / Zhou Xiaofeng)