online retail has been a buzzword in recent years. Compared with the traditional business, e-commerce for sellers with a computer and a network cable can begin to sell things, the buyers want to buy goods can stay at home. Therefore, through the rapid rise of the Internet business is very popular. Popular does not mean that they can profit. On the contrary, we see is that a large number of e-commerce companies at high input, one after another e-commerce companies layoffs or even bankruptcy…… Big sellers who do not make money, then the way out of the other small and medium-sized sellers in where?.

retail market opportunities

consumers to buy more and more attention to the daily commodity brand, because in general, the brand of goods to ensure that the quality of goods will not be poor and at the same time in front of a number of brand competition, the price will not be too high. In the traditional market, the daily goods we can easily in large supermarkets to buy; similarly, on the Internet we can buy daily commodities in the Jingdong, Taobao mall, Dangdang etc. large websites and online, because in addition to their product quality is guaranteed, the price is relatively low. And generally sell Volkswagen brand goods of small sellers can only be able to confront with the big sellers in the above services, if the price is not low profit. With the improvement of e-commerce infrastructure, improve the overall service level of customer service, large sellers in terms of service and after-sale protection has more advantages. Obviously little chance of sellers.

but if you go down the field, may be more opportunities. Starting from a class of segments, both in terms of product quality assurance or overall service level are more likely to do more professional. A lot of large web site is also done from the field of subdivision; Jingdong is selling digital started, Dangdang is selling books began. Although there have been many large segments of e-commerce, but consumer demand in both breadth and depth are constantly changing, from the field of subdivision truly grasp the opportunity to network retail sellers of consumer demand is not great?

network brand opportunities

network is also the essence of retail business. In the traditional market, promote a brand will largely depend on the different regions of the agents or retailers to open the market, because each place has different consumers, but they are not able to focus on a place for consumption. Retail through the Internet just to solve this problem, as long as the Internet can place where the network can be consumed in a website or shop. This is equivalent to shorten the channel. With the further development of e-commerce, online retail accounts for the total share of social retail to a certain extent, some of the traditional business channels and even disappear. The Internet may also be able to establish a number of channels, such as the brand in the Taobao above the opportunity to sell individual sellers. The distribution of small shops in the store equivalent of community convenience stores, and can not be bigger, because the quality and price of goods they can not master.

and through the Internet to build their own brands can