on the Internet, I have been concerned about a sensational event is the 2011 nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear accident caused panic buying salt. Estimated that everyone will have the impression. There are many articles on the internet.

the accident on the Internet, especially after the release of sina micro-blog, many public places within two days of the home and buy a lot of salt, resulting in the supermarket shelves were sold out of salt. The incident broke out, and soon subsided, when I was in the home, in the street to see a large package of salt. News release from the nuclear leak to grab salt, the impact is too fast.

people can not help asking what is willing to detonate the incident. What is the intrinsic link between nuclear leakage and salt, which is far away from the


process is probably the case, the public heard rumors that the Fukushima nuclear leak will pollute the sea water, salt is extracted from the sea, in the absence of nuclear leakage of material into the coastal waters of China, to buy salt.

of course, the real situation will be more complex. Many things happen, is not accidental, there are internal logic.

Why does

spread so fast?

had to mention two things. Panic and the internet.

panic should be the instinct of human beings, to avoid danger, to find ways to eliminate the danger.

Internet to promote the development of this thing, which Sina also played a very important role in micro-blog. All kinds of rumors, then the rumor spread salt rush scene pictures, then people follow, form a cycle, until finally subsided.

there are many events on the Internet fire up, some people operate, and some are spontaneously generated, if the study of some of the rules, can be applied to the spread of the company’s brand.

I remember a book called "the tipping point", the title here there is a subtitle "how to make popular". The aim of this book is to study some of the more popular events, summarize some basic principles, through the secret of how certain operation will spread a wide range of things or events as much as possible, to reach more people to pay attention to.

‘s book is based on a study of some popular events in the community, as well as some of the popular analysis of offline brands. The book does not touch on the network events or products, but there are some valuable ideas, it is very suitable for the use of brand promotion on the network. According to the "tipping point" in the book, in order to detonate an event or product, I summed up the three rules:

1, active factor

is trying to detonate a topic or product, to have a more active factor, a popular point. This popular point can affect a lot of people, can be an influential figure, can also be a good product selling point.