I want to use

as long as QQ friends have used the QQ group, QQ group the advantages we thought to know, a group of like-minded friends can sit together free chat, you can send text, pictures, audio and video etc.. QQ group to bring people’s network life has brought a lot of convenience and interest. A class is the class group, during the computer class, everyone together to discuss where to play next week, there is an area of group of friends, pet lovers, fellow group…… Too numerous to mention。

that we do local site friends, what can be done using QQ group?

combined with my own experience to say some of my feelings, I hope to help some friends.

, a communication of web users a platform users from the first time to visit your site, then you become loyal users, may take a long time, he may have to wait until fourth, fifth visit will be aware of your site is more important to him! If you let new users join a new user group * * network communication, give them one to many chat under the function of the website, ah, what is, let you feel warm, and increase the user favor and trust on your web site.

two, QQ group to the site of the development of ideas of course if your site has been developed very early, hoping to get a website development from the user, may also wish to build such a group, communicate with them, get some clues from their website development in communication.

three, the content of the site is generated from the base station will ignore the QQ group to the content of the role of Web site construction. In fact, QQ group can give you a steady stream of excellent content resources. If you have a news channel, due to regional news mostly from the place of the traditional media, local network media are mostly difficult to obtain the right of interview, and no energy as a newspaper television reporter interview that everywhere. So it is almost impossible to produce original news resources.

but this is not the case, QQ group can help you a lot of busy. For example, we see an article in the local newspaper, can be sent to the QQ group, let you view (of course, this group is the premise of user viscosity is very high, very loyal to the website. ), who can doubt our lovely ability, say, who will say a few words very classical, very reasonable thing. These words, summed up, not to say that it is an original article?

this is one, in addition, can be on a regular basis (such as the evening, usually have time, but also active) to open a theme, so that we talk about. Explore the news material.

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