yesterday (February 6th) learned from the provincial public security department, the province successfully destroyed to provide illegal control of computer information systems program as the main content of the largest hacker training website ", the main suspect Lee, Zhang was arrested according to law.

in April last year, the Huanggang Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment and Macheng City Public Security Bureau network security brigade successfully cracked the governor of black point "series of network attacks, network attacks, wantonly arrested on suspicion of fraud, theft and spread of computer virus, illegal control of computer information system crime such as South Korea and other 6 suspects. The police found that the 3 lines per capita "Black Hawk safety net" members, their long-term learning, in exchange for the website network hacker crime, illegal use of the website provides the program.

according to the survey, the Black Hawk safety net is China’s largest hacker training site, mainly by recruiting member fees form publicly to teach various types of hacker technology, and thousands of Trojans download. Since its inception in 2005, a total of more than 12 thousand members of the toll collection, ordinary members reached more than 17 people, more than $7 million charge.

The first half of the

after investigation and careful preparation, in November 26, 2009, more than 50 police officers to the police organization, traveled to Wenzhou, Mount Huangshan, Luohe, Xuchang and other places, according to the "Black Hawk safety net" were seized, arrested Lee and other 3 suspects, involving the freezing of funds more than 170 yuan, seized the web server 9, the computer 5, Honda accord car and related material evidence, documentary evidence, completely shut down all sites involved.

according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps relevant person in charge of the case following the 2007 cracked the panda virus after the case, Hubei police will hit the field from the individual groups to promote the depth, is the "criminal law amendment" will provide seventh illegal hacking tools into the crime investigation after breaking the typical case.