with Internet plus the concept of hot, various projects such as O2O appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. The courage to try behind the capital market is favored for O2O projects. But behind the increase in the amount of financing and valuation, the real talent shows itself O2O projects are not many, most of the O2O enterprise is very difficult to get a C round of financing. Behind the O2O project rush on like a swarm of hornets faced the problem of resource demand soared, pseudo homogeneity, line and capital chain tension etc..

"more and more people are walking on the road of entrepreneurship, not afraid of hardship, only to live out their own. May not have the background, perhaps the lack of talent, but you have a dream, is worthy of respect! "August 18th," car 8 "released a message on the official website to pay tribute to the entrepreneurs, encouraging words implied regret and unwilling, like a hero elegy.

more than 4 months ago, in a war like a raging fire door car wash when the "car 8" menacing. However, this "Huashan mountain" has not yet reached a climax, "car 8" will walk away.

In fact,

, O2O in the business arena, "Losers are always in the wrong." story in almost every day staged.

, a widespread online in the "East China O2O project (hereinafter referred to as the" death list "death list") revealed that the O2O venture behind the scenes "carnage" status. The list is roughly listed in the 16 areas involved in the collapse of O2O projects, including takeaway, car wash, education, tourism and other areas bear the brunt.

for this, such as "O2O business outlet has", "ushered in the closures" remarks also rampant. So, before much of the entrepreneur and capital sought after in the field of O2O why will encounter mass death, death list and then reveal what kind of problem?

from the soaring to death

called O2O, namely Online to Offline, is a combination of online and offline, this is the birth of new consumption pattern in the development of mobile Internet: offline service available to consumers through the Internet, consumers can also online screening service, deal.

had to say, whether it is in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, or capital keen on, O2O is absolutely a "darling"".

AI media consulting previously released a market research report is expected in 2015 China’s O2O market size will reach 418 billion 850 million yuan.

statistics show that from July 19th to 25, there are 34 successful financing O2O projects, including rice, Descomplica, bought the car, Biobio logistics, involving food, education, medical, logistics and other industries.

not only that, BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and other Internet giants are gathered here. Recently, Alibaba group and the ant Finance jointly inject 6 billion yuan to build O2O platform "mouth"