December 27th reporter learned from the Internet and illegal information reporting center was informed that: the center for the 11 in December 18th to provide access services for pornographic and Vulgar Internet access service providers were exposed. According to verification, the 11 were exposed Internet access service providers have been actively rectification.


11 service providers to stop providing access service for containing a large number of pornographic and vulgar bad information site: Nanyang City, Henan province Netcom closed "go boy" website; Guangdong city of Guangzhou province in the closing of the "5252 broadband broadcast" website; Hebei city of Shijiazhuang province Unicom closed "I go QVOD ethics resource station website; China bitung United Network closed the" energy-saving "website; Beijing Tongniu group closed" bottom picture network "website;

Beijing city

network high-tech information technology Co. Ltd. closed "Michelle beauty video chat rooms and other sites; Beijing Telecom clearance closed" customers "website; Henan city of Nanyang province Unicom closed the" super entertainment center "website; Guangdong city of Shantou province Unicom closed the" Rose "website; Tianjin Netcom closed the" Night Club "website; Chongqing Unicom closed" Ai do beautiful pictures "website.

Internet Illegal and harmful information reporting center, said the hope that these 11 Internet access service providers can continue to maintain the rectification effect, while welcoming the public to continue to monitor and report.