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said, "only one M+M Apartman Hotel" profit, while the other two cases showed that the telecom operators and service providers access as a pornographic website is a hotbed of breeding; porn sites behind the interests of the chain in support of the development of these pornographic websites, also is the reason of the repeated playing without a break.

advertising alliance profit 15 million

"double advertising alliance" was uncovered, because one of the porn sites checked. In February this year, the Yangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau network security detachment investigation found that living in Yangzhou, Li Xing, opened a website with a large number of pornographic pictures, videos. February 3rd, the police arrested Li Xing, its advertising and financial support from the double advertising alliance, a total of 250 thousand yuan.

then, police have arrested 3 customer service staff to double the advertising alliance, and now lives in Beijing boss Wang Weiqiang, and in Anhui, Beijing, Hunan and other places, and has captured 60 adsense.

The following

double advertising alliance mode of operation: "webmaster" first registered in the alliance website, and then download the ad code, and the code is embedded in your own web site, double union advertising will automatically in the webmaster website broadcast and automatic update. Union according to the site’s click, according to the agreed price to pay the webmaster. Double advertising alliance found a total of more than 40 thousand sites, most of the sex and contraband goods, of which there are more than and 400 pornographic websites. Through advertising on pornographic websites, advertising alliance profit 1500 yuan.

Ministry of Public Security Bureau Director Wang Xiaoyang pointed out that although most of the more than and 400 sites registered in foreign countries, but some domestic domain name service provider in order to register the service fee tens of dollars, without review, pornographic websites provide domain name registration services. Among them, the territory of new registered 36, million net 12, Chengdu Western Digital 4, 35 Internet 3.

to pornographic websites rebate 100 thousand yuan

and double advertising alliance, Sichuan, Chengdu, Nora station resources not only to provide funds to pornographic sites, but also provide content and guidance.

our station called Long Zejun, he provided a set of website models for pornographic websites: first of all, according to our webmaster station to provide the site tutorial to rent a virtual space, collector through the use of Internet content Nora resources recommended by the station, according to the rules of acquisition, acquisition and obscenity our station, to build up a large number of obscene content sites within a short period of time can be low cost. At the same time, Nora station to take advantage of the site to increase the amount of click browse, enhance the visibility of the site to increase advertising revenue. In a very short period of time, Long Zejun profit of 1 million 500 thousand yuan.

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