August 19th news, Tencent has released a strong quarterly earnings, the stock rose more than 6%, a record high. Currently, Tencent’s market capitalization of $249 billion, higher than the $246 billion Alibaba. Become China’s most valuable technology company.


based on previous earnings, the second quarter of 2016, Tencent profit grew by 47% to $10 billion 900 million (about $1 billion 600 million). Revenue grew 52% to $35 billion 690 million (US $5 billion 380 million). Most of Tencent’s revenue comes from online games, with revenues of 17 billion 124 million yuan (US $2 billion 600 million). After the earnings announcement, Tencent shares rose 6%.


in the Chinese Internet giant BAT three, Tencent is currently the largest. However, compared with the other two, Tencent attracted worldwide attention is relatively backward. Analysts said, a substantial increase in revenue, the rapid development of the platform, operating the Chinese version of Twitter and Facebook. Investors hope that, like Facebook, Tencent can be active users into income."