Internet not only narrow the distance between people, but also to solve the problem of large areas of good technology, a small place can not afford to raise technical staff headaches.

with Internet products to gradually penetrate small city, the three or four line of the city began to need high quality technical personnel, but even small places are double the average salary, it is difficult to afford a good technology (wages and consumption level proportional). Then, a second tier city talent to flow away, exacerbated by a second city talent accumulation, the three or four line of the city talent shortage phenomenon, the three or four line of the city with a second tier gap will become increasingly large first-tier cities: good talent development better with the three or four line of the city, carrying no technology company, no matter how the idea also should not call every day.

in this environment, on the initiation of "equal to anything" of the Internet display of all kinds of tasks, came into being: Witkey network platform.

Witkey task oriented platform after a small explosion era, relatively quiet period in recent years, with the advent of the new source, the vertical technology needs to rise again, as for the success of the Internet outsourcing market burst, perhaps only in this last rise.

came into being in the era of small outbreak: 2005 –

in 2008

the first task Witkey, can be traced back to 2003 K68, at the time of the Witkey network are mainly design, art design, site based, business is not comprehensive. And as the first creative "the earliest source of the vocabulary was translated into work2.0, which is also the vlog" Witkey "name can be traced back to the.


with the rise of small and medium-sized city Internet products, Witkey tasks such as the role of the platform is becoming increasingly important. The main task provided by K68 and can not meet the market demand, from 2005 to 2008, the outbreak period Witkey website,,, and many other sites have emerged, among them, is by tens of millions the financing to become the industry leader, in other Witkey way ahead.


engaged in high-end custom task, successfully occupied the Internet outsourcing in the high-end market, but this time, the task in the market, there is still a blank, great development area.

relatively quiet time: 2009 – 2012


from 2009 to 2012, is the time the task market relatively quiet, in this time many Internet giants of the task and other related services, but the outcome is lost, the transition to the vertical task. Taobao and Baidu have visited, Witkey task areas, but ultimately because of narrow disputes and the market too much, and have to give up. Taobao related business to Taobao service