Abstract: under the "pyramid" derivative in the opinion of the muzzle, taking the micro kernel is the product itself, but in the business model of the deviation, let it become "pyramid" flavor. Micro business situation is not optimistic, it means that the "social business" to the end of



said that if in 2013, occupy our circle of friends the most information subscription number or marketing content, then 2014, to say what occupies your WeChat circle of friends most position, certainly non derivative, a variety of purchasing, skin care products emerge in an endless stream in our circle of friends, was 2014 most of the users in the industry known as the derivative of the first year. In my opinion, the last two years is indeed taking the number of micro blowout for two years, but the potential problems behind the rapid growth has also brought very prominent, trust crisis, agent and assembly, service guarantee and so on are floating on the table, the key is as butler’s Tencent also has no qualitative derivative the position is in this state of confusion, micro business ushered in one of their own Carnival in shambles. However, what is the rush, earn immediate interest; or the future, the transition to long-term development, is not only the micro operators, estimated that even Tencent are temporarily without a clear plan. But whether it is micro dealers or WeChat, the transformation of the road ahead of the already started.

information is not equal to the long

C2C mode

is now engaged in micro business industry, only a small part of the real grasp of the source, you can directly take the goods to the supplier. Most of the rest of the so-called high profits or is attracted by the prospect of taking micro external propaganda, with rich psychological follow into the micro District of ignorant teenagers.

we first put aside the quality of the goods sold and sources do not talk about, single from this sales model to analyze, the problems are also very prominent.

first of all, the emergence of the Internet is to solve the problem of asymmetric information, so that information and prices of goods become more transparent, which is the idea of Taobao electricity supplier, but also the biggest reason Taobao can grow. Micro business is also good in nature, but now the practice of demonized. Micro business should be settled in the brand side, through the entrance of the mobile Internet directly to consumers, consumers become closer. And now the so-called "derivative" parasitic Internet business, but in the opposite direction, so that information becomes asymmetric and opaque price, appear more hierarchical relationship.

, for example, a value of 30 pieces of the mask, the retail price of 300 agreed delivery, and then use the same template to do publicity, interested can do agents, so 300 yuan can take goods to mask agent price of 150 yuan, 150 yuan and the agent to get the goods have two choices or, they sell for offline. If you choose to sell this involves another problem, that is, acquaintance economy, but if they do not sell >