in recent years, the development of e-commerce into the rapidly, traditional enterprises also have to get involved in the Internet to set up electricity supplier website, which is to promote the development of the electricity industry, the current domestic electricity supplier website into a "fast track", the major electricity supplier website to enable different types, the formation of several series of business domain name, such as "Tao," Amoy "series Yi Yi" series and "buy Gou" series and so on, then simply understand the electricity supplier website several series of domain name.

purchase electricity supplier network Gou domain name


online shopping become nowadays the most tide of consumption patterns, with B2B or C2C mode electricity supplier website becomes the hot shopping network, the electricity supplier website enable domain types formed a "buy Gou" domain name, such as BELLE’s excellent shopping network, the domain name was 100 million yuan to market rumors purchased, dog, buy shoes, group purchase website real network pinyin to news type, creative type, buy creative network domain name, goo homonym for "purchase Gou, clothing sales platform cloth clothing," EE "homonym for" Yiyibushe "etc..

buy word under two types of Mai and buy


business website chose "buy Gou" series, the "buy" series is not missed, the industry has a lot to enable "Mai" series of domain name, buy word Pinyin Mai, following Pinyin type, I bought net, fierce buy network, buy more than, and to buy so, there are many buy English word "buy", such as good music to buy, easy to buy, and buy Chinese network network

discount domain name "zhe" domain name


In addition to the above two with

when it comes to purchasing behavior of "Gou" and "Mai" series, attract people with discount discount "zhe" domain has become the electricity supplier selection object, Pinyin, discounted net, search, fold fold fold, all and find off the network. Creative domain, 1000 fold network,, 44% off fold good network etc..

electricity supplier NetEase Yi or easy E type