"I hope that after 10 years, as long as you shop online, in any place in China, can be served within 24 hours." Three years ago, when announced the establishment of the rookie network, Ma with China intelligent logistics backbone network to describe the vision of this business.


from today’s conference, after three years of use, storage, electronic single basic structures, rookie network "intelligent logistics backbone" results – launch of the day services in 12 National City, 90 city launched the next day service.


service is known as the "rookie League", and as a rookie network business upgrade". Rookie announced that it would come up with 1 billion yuan to start the union fund for business partners to upgrade the logistics, as well as the use of rookie league service merchant subsidies.

this upgrade can be seen has been playing the role of the rookie platform, began to enter the stage of development of the standard: join the rookie League Rookie logistics company, according to established standards of service, and the launch of the day the next day, Tingri distribution, night delivery, home delivery, unpacking inspection, pick back etc.. As a rookie CEO Tong Wenhong said "just a rookie platform, in this platform, we advocate a concept, make some standards, hope that all partners can become a member of the organization of logistics service upgrade in the."

didn’t do self rookie, how to realize the


is the next day, regardless of day or night and distribution, in this series of rookie services are benchmarking its rival Jingdong.

Tong Wenhong said in a speech at the

self mode does not adapt the explosive growth of the electricity supplier, suspected loudspeaker Jingdong. Although there are some electricity supplier self logistics seems to be able to do efficient. But the cost of this model is heavy, eroding most of the profits, need to rely on subsidies to maintain. And the pattern of 2 million orders per day to face the need for 110 thousand couriers, electricity providers do not fully meet the explosive growth trend."

analysis of proprietary platform and the advantages and disadvantages of not only talk about their distribution team rookie, is how to realize the


online shopping as buyers, access to only the courier, express is only actually the last mile, the background for this parcel service will involve information systems, warehousing and logistics center, regional allocation, transportation, transit, distribution and so on terminal logistics operation.

so if there is no logistics park, there is no trunk logistics support, there is no coordination of logistics information platform, relying solely on the platform or courier companies can not only achieve rapid delivery.

Jingdong has been able to do it, because all things will be done. When the user orders directly assigned to the nearest warehouse, followed by motor transport, courier delivery.

rookie’s difficulty lies in how the online order system and Taobao