renamed Chinese ( March 10th – the geometric value of’s official domain name It is self-evident, if not backed by the listed company, is also a good product phase Larry domain. But who would have thought that such a valuable domain names in more than ten years ago, was not a good look at all, no one is willing to buy, and even expired to delete the so-called junk domain name". So what exactly is what? Now we have to listen to the and the first holder of Wu Di about the domain name counter attack story. can not afford to sell garbage

domain name investors before and after 2002, Wu Dishou took 1000 yuan to sell the domain name to earn money, keep the registered name in front of the computer every day, has registered (, (eBay mall), (business), (Lushang group) and other domain name. At the end of the 1000 yuan only 100 yuan, Wu Di also received a registered apprentice, sell the domain name.


figure: Poly America

domain name registration, the nature will start selling, when Wu Di and his disciples call every day to sell rice, then the domain name market and is now completely different, although the product with good domain name, but still "not sell too stingy". But even so, Wu Di will sell the domain name on his hand, earned a sum, said Wu Di, was only sold out is

Wu Di said "the whole domain forum no one wants to buy, even pushed to a good friendship is just m friends back to" ha ha "" ask "no more. Later, Wu Di also had an idea, think of can also be explained in "beauty", will give Wuhan the Home Furnishing stores call to sell everywhere, but still No one shows any interest in. Later, the domain name renewal date, has put as a garbage domain Wu Di thought 60 yuan can register a better, no renewals, let it be deleted.

can not afford to sell the for a junk domain name

thought that things can be ended, but I never thought, Wu Di’s apprentice and take the domain name registration back, Wu Di knew, also called "SB waste of money!!", but he said the disciple "this nice, also registered less than what was good will the". After this there is a small fan, Wu Di in order to tell his disciples, 60 yuan can register a better domain name, is a waste of money, went to register a single spell domain name chu>