[Abstract] Feng Xin believes that if the storm TV success must have another condition, that is, the company must not be a storm of one hundred percent companies.

Tencent science and technology news July 23rd, in 2015 China Internet Conference held in Beijing. Storm chairman and CEO Feng Xin (micro-blog) made a keynote speech.

Feng Xin think, whether it is Internet plus, or the Internet Ecosystem, it is part of the flow of people based on nutrition. With the flow of people, it is the expansion of space is infinite, can involve many levels. And no matter how to use, people flow will not be lost.

Feng Xin revealed that the storm is doing some capital integration. He believes that the storm is an important principle of strategy is to respect the quality of traffic. In other words, the storm’s user base is very suitable for them to push the living room video storm TV products, there is no reason why it is not suitable to do."

storm recently issued a storm of television, Feng Xin believes that if the storm TV must have another condition, that is certainly not the company is the one hundred percent owned company, but to give the team independent space, "so we gave it a design structure is to let his own grow up, their growth into tens of billions of dollars in the company".

is the following Feng Xin speech:

Hello everyone, a very short time to talk about a particularly large and special questions, as far as possible to understand, so I speak Mandarin as clearly as possible. In fact, " ecological " the word I say I understand, I think there are two key components of the system, since it is not a "ecological", is more than two students, the first is the life, the second I think is nutrition, with the theme of today’s meeting called Internet sharing you can share a nutrition.


said today Internet plus can affect so many people, what happened? We see the old ecology, the past is ecological, such as traditional industries in a single product after a certain scale will extend the scale, in fact, extend the scale at the same time is actually an ecological, but why such ecological and today, the ecological difference in where? I drew a picture, painted a picture of Beijing common courtyard, courtyard inside us for example, there are a few households is a courtyard inside, if there is a big tree in the middle of summer, can enjoy the cool under the big tree, we can understand the tree is nutrition three families, three life is.

the past is like this, for example, a production of carbonated drinks beverage company, it has a supply chain factory, has covered the country tens of thousands of retail channels, these it may also produce a non carbonated drink mineral water, he through its factories than to create a factory to save a lot. The cost and efficiency of optimization. This is the ecology of the past. With the cool quadrangles inside three family is actually a truth, but why the past ecological went to the later development of fatigue? "