1 Ali shares Sina management earned $900 million into

Ali Sina capital in the marriage, there is a figure has been ignored, that is, Sina’s cash management situation. After the author estimates, after the deal, Sina management cash of 145 million dollars (about 900 million yuan), this also means that the management headed by Cao Guowei about 1/4 of the investment cash in your pocket.

to the data banks fund, according to Alibaba and Sina, after the Alibaba shares, Sina micro-blog management and ESOP shares dropped from 18.3% to 11%, Sina shares fell from 81.7% to 71%.

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2.BBS was reduced to " chicken ribs " lead users collective nostalgic feelings of youth eventually lost

you play the BBS? The answer was positive, nine out of ten is emotion, we eventually lost youth ah "80. College students are now keen to BBS this classic forum is not much, so now the big BBS is also facing a bleak, even the fate of adjustment or even closed. The day before, BBS was the main force of BBS and several universities facing "live or die" was recently entangled, the youth film normalizing, BBS decline also caused netizens nostalgic sentiment: BBS, that is our campus life is only a short while ago, everything……

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3 Internet era of big trading illusion: subsequent integration into a problem

since the beginning of last year, more and more investment in mergers and acquisitions between technology companies, mergers and acquisitions and investment targets are also small companies began to shift to large companies.

‘s recent case was $586 million for to buy Sina’s stake in micro-blog, and is likely to raise its stake to $30%. This is the largest amount of trade in the technology industry this year.

Alibaba shares Sina micro-blog rumors have appeared a few months ago, and now finally settled. Over the past two years, Alibaba made a number of investment and acquisition transactions, prior to its acquisition of the mobile Internet data analysis firms alliance, rumors of the acquisition price of 8>