see this article, how to earn the money men, how can better make men and women consumption, Internet companies, more and more people tend to market together, let the men and women who consume in, see this article, special feeling, development after all, the Internet is cannot do without thinking and marketing methods, only do a good job in marketing, to get the maximum profit, then this article by the Internet Co in which cut the man’s wallet "write about marketing story.

a male, if women are emotional thinking, so and beauty is a good use of this point, with some very beautiful pictures to evoke the beauty of each woman’s visual experience, let them think this dress is the same in his body will be beautiful, this is the perceptual beautiful, but for men, that there will be more different.

first point: looking for men’s rigid demand

women are emotional, men are rigid, all keen items will not the same, so where exactly? Male consumers tend to be digital, furniture, household appliances, sports shoes and outdoor activities, games and other products, but there is a survey called the main consumers of the game also is male, according to the study group allegedly in the leisure game virtual consumption female game for men 3 times global PC friends predicted that about 130 million women, 140 million for men, the future of these two groups will increase steadily. But the war theme of the game may always be men of the world, so that the game is always dominated by men, this is an eternal topic.

in fact about men on the Internet needs, there are other, although digital control, home appliance and so on are rigid demand, but now there are more practical men say, a handsome suit and leather shoes, and a variety of small objects, creative for men, sometimes things by hand will be more sensitive, and these needs may be in your side, not aware of.

second points: how to do standardized products

in the original "male dominated media and community are discussed and the use of commodity goods: PC; photography; automobile etc.. As the saying goes to do his work well, must first sharpen his tools, more male users focus on "how to use" and "machine", the male is directed to shopping goods, in the shopping process easy impatient, so give him the shortest path and the most clear display, let him the fastest single checkout "

In fact,

on this point, but also a very good description of the male interest, men tend to be more standardized objects, convenience shopping needs faster, no women in a perceptual dress hesitation, need is the need, but not the other, so we in the design of the site, especially when digital, it must be easy to do website function, and must be as perfect as possible we describe in the inventory.