event marketing is now more and more commonly used, and the effect is also very good. Events generated by the marketing force, often stronger than other marketing practices.

said the popular point, event marketing refers to promotion of the target A, not directly to the promotion of the target A, but to find some newsworthy events to B1-Bn, full of twists and turns of the marketing events A. Said the news value may be a bit too serious, as long as it can attract attention, we like to see, like to know, such an event is enough. A and B do not coincide in most cases, sometimes it may be the same thing.

entertainment is good at event marketing. In order to promote the goal of A films, a series of events related to B, such as male and female sex scandal, the two stars for the fee, scenes of conflict, the ambiguous relationship between the director and the actor, flow out from the crew nude etc.. It’s hard for the average audience to know whether these laces are true or false. Whether it is true or false, the effect is done anyway, we remember the name of the film.


event marketing is not. A feature of event marketing is a series of transitions event. From the beginning to the end of development, culminating in a brilliant end on the target. If you can climax again and again, it would be best.

seems to let reporters found the male and female relationship is not general, the parties must come out to clarify, then outflow point of intimate photos, Party outrage denied, brokerage company also opened a press conference, and then discuss the netizens even debate about such, continued to attract everyone’s attention.

this is a bit like watching Jin Yong’s martial arts novels, read the first few pages, I think these people are so powerful. The more you look back, the more powerful people, see the back, only to find out the first few pages out of those who simply can not even talk about the small role. It is really a wave of a wave, the plot to promote endless, let people involuntarily eyes gathered there.

recently occurred in the online SEO industry’s most exciting event marketing, is undoubtedly the tiger Valley contest. The goal is to search engine Strategy Conference, through the tiger Valley contest this news value, can attract the attention of SEO events, played a very good marketing effect.

as far as I can remember, in the process of nearly half a year, there are different scenarios to attract everyone’s attention (written by the memory, the timing may not be right):

(1) before the start of the manufacture of suspense, issued by the stone and other issues: what is the tiger Valley


(2) in all in the information about what is duhugu time to uncover the answer.

(3) SEO industry well-known figures, such as graph king, nine days a high-profile team competition etc..

(4) ranked in front of the site was punished, and even deleted attention and discussion.

(5) focus on black hat and cheating practices and discussion and reporting activities.