is well known, pig CMS company has a research and development department, its degree of mystery is equivalent to the state’s relevant departments". According to the Department of Bob all gifted bone surprise, to be a hundred rare code wizards.

driven by curiosity, small walking too small to inside a tour. The R & D department leader talent stunning hands away from small series into a cup of coffee, but also witty little Shun an intelligence: pig CMS custom menu


R & D department experts on the pig CMS custom menu for a new optimization and improvement, the major businesses can enjoy the upgrade experience in the background.

menu editor visualization clear intuitive easy to operate

this time after the upgrade, the custom menu edit page will be more than the left side of a mobile phone interface model. Businesses in the addition of WeChat public number custom menu, the phone interface model can be used to view the menu editor.

, for example, the first menu is to put two good-looking or a good look at how to do the layout of the menu of the two, through a clear and intuitive interface presentation, visual features to help businesses make up their minds easily. Add or delete menu, anytime, anywhere to see the effect, all operations are so easy!

speed dial / navigation two pronged approach to improve service

when the user sees a delicacy store WeChat want to do meal? Parents see a training school, want to do public consultation? The owners want to make an appointment showings car owners want to test drive experience, number of public business how to do


hand customers, how can these lost? Mind, pig CMS custom menu all for your consideration! One touch dial is equipped with a key navigation, two pronged approach,


for a chestnut first, such as a fast food restaurant, want to better serve consumers, enhance the user experience, how to do?

this time you can call the pig CMS custom menu function.

by adding one touch dial menu, fill in the reservation hotline, consumers can through a key dialing function to call the store ordering; at the same time a key navigation function is to store set up shop location, convenient fans obtain environment information, the bus to the store consumption is also more convenient


key dial and a key navigation menu, is based on the concept of providing quality services to users, enhance the public number of the user experience. Businesses can add these two menus in the background, set the phone number and location. Whether it is ordering, consultation, booking, check the line to see the surrounding, the user can achieve a key in a number of public business. Practical function, selfish people. With a passion for business users in exchange for a sincere.

error tips warm to cry

business operator error, will get the pig CMS>