webmaster network admin5.com3 27 news, around 20 o’clock tonight, there are friends to the webmaster network broke the news, the well-known video site Youku (http://s.www.youku.com/) can not access. Stationmaster net edit random access youku.com home page, found that the site has a temporary jump page (http://s.www.youku.com/youku/youku.html), suggesting that the site temporary fault, by 22 points, youku.com has not yet returned to normal access, the reason is not clear at present.


Youku is China’s leading video sharing site, the first brand in China’s online video industry. By the end of 2006 on the line, 2007, youku.com was first put forward the "shoot off everywhere", has become the Internet making camp accumulation. The failure of the event, there may be a temporary failure of the server or the server encountered a hacker attack. But do not rule out other factors can not be accessed.

it is understood that this year, youku.com because of copyright issues have been many lawsuits, the first occurred in January 25th, cool 6 network for youku.com piracy of its own network copyright more than 40 film and television drama, after many communication after the fruit, it launched proceedings. Then, in March 1, 2010, cool 6 network sued Tudou infringement. As an ally of Tudou, Youku announced on the second day, will be prosecuted from March to cool the 6 network. Just sued the 6 Pirates of the cool network to broadcast their own drama and put forward ten million yuan claims Youku network has become the object of prosecution for the past second days, the anti piracy Alliance launched a class action lawsuit youku. Sohu, excited, excellent friends Bullock said the alliance owns the copyright of the "south", "Wen Que", "a single tribe", "Sommersby" and so on more than 10 film and television drama by Youku piracy.

is not currently troubleshooting youku.com and before the incident of copyright lawsuit related to the specific circumstances as soon as official Youku will solve doubts. (text / Yang Yang)

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