powder, this for many of us are very desirable, is called by powder, this premise is that we need to have their own fans, or that we find large, the others inside the micro signal to guide the fans to our public number inside. Rely on other large guide fans, this is our 80% of the powder guide method.


, we also start from zero, just start to feel WeChat is very well done, and registered a few numbers, but the operation after that want to increase their fans is not so simple, if you want to rely on the growth of content words, then you need to reach a certain amount of fans, this will have the effect, but we have no pre fans how? Our way is by QQ, but did not see what effect, and it is a waste of time. Later on the choice of pay is large, in the choice of when we compare the price, but the price is a first Jibaijishiwan fans, but the promotion time, his mother, the a few fans knew cheated, then knew that if true, push it, it is a thousand. Since then, I know the importance of real fans. Then we chose is indeed true fans account promotion, but the effect is not ideal, the key lies in our promotional copy, then add text to read, copy and promotion, but the effect is really bad, because not everyone is willing to view your content and pay attention to your choice. As a result, so much money has been spent on dozens of fans.

May we have the

promotion friends will have such impression, promote a rise of one hundred or two hundred fans were happy, but today I want to tell you is that we can promote a rise to hundreds of thousands of fans. This is the most effective way to promote the test through different channels. The reason why we summed up this way, because we are constantly testing after use, with their large trumpet to come, is generally not large, this is unthinkable, because every time the promotion is to pay, if we like to try it, then it is how long to tens of thousands of dollars it will burn.

so what’s the most effective way I’m talking about?.

we may feel that I do not have any data as a support, then I’ll give you the data to look at:



our fans every day hundreds of growth, we mainly do is test, and when our fans into our public number, we will automatically reply to remind our fans to do these tests above, I give you the data before a data, is a promotion after the data, the headline reading is nearly nine hundred, so that the number of our promotion in about nine hundred people, not including those not >