has a lot of friends to ask what is soft Wen marketing, how to write soft Wen marketing to promote their website and products. The so-called " soft ", refers to the concept of through certain appeal, with facts and reason of make consumers into enterprise set " thinking circle ", with strong targeted psychological attack quickly realize the product sales text mode and oral communication. For example: news, third party comments, interviews, interviews, word of mouth. Relatively hard and soft advertising, more guidance and emotion, can let the reader not consciously produce a good mental state, because it is about a "soft" word, driven by the reader’s mood, softening of Advertising Psychological rejection readers, so that advertising articles can be passed to the invisible readers let the reader better.

with the development of Internet and electronic commerce, the soft, highly respected, the first reason is that various media to seize the eye of fierce competition, people gradually decline on television and newspaper hard advertising attention, also gradually produced a contradiction, the actual effect of advertising is no longer obvious, even no substantial effect every year, invested large sums of advertising costs, the results can only endure the painful consequences of no effect; the second reason is that the capital media on soft advertising pay much lower than hard advertising, in the fund is not very strong under the condition of the soft investment is relatively scientific and reasonable. So the enterprise from the angle of each to the soft water, so that the market quick start, also to better cater to the application of electronic commerce in the people’s life and the popularity of the soft have a natural advantage.

I believe that soft marketing has the following characteristics:

is an ad

pursue low cost and efficient returns, do not avoid the nature of business. Although abandoned the previous form of advertising, but the ultimate purpose of the soft is still in the promotion of a product or a theory, but also hope that the reader can accept their intangible advertising.

two form diversity

can be a form of soft news news, comments or contains text elements of the game, such as stealth advertising.

three impress readers

makes the reader "soft", only the eyes of the resident, wandering, only the opportunity to understand your product. When the reader to stay in your eyes in the soft, the rest is the author’s writing level and soft foundation. After all, to let the reader heart thing is successful, really can play the role of soft wen. Make the reader "heart", will believe you, will be put into action. Sometimes it’s easy for the reader to be touched by a few things, so it’s easier for him to accept your advertisement.

how to create a good soft marketing events?

a key requirement is to sell the product clearly understand

make the audience "brain soft", have the impression, but also to understand clearly, otherwise the mind still hard, from the thought.