July 8th, Europe was informed that the film and television actor, host Mo Xiaoqi founded in November 2014, the constellation goddess culture media has been recently tens of millions of financing, the investor is Mizuki capital.

constellation goddess culture media is mainly led by the constellation culture, with the new media as the carrier to create new media entertainment content network, which covers the field of variety shows, online games, movies, games, etc..

December 2015, Chinese first class social reality game show "constellation constellation goddess culture media production strongest Star Wars" was the sixth leading Internet Award for best original content for the internet. Has always been known as the constellation goddess, Mo Xiaoqi successfully transformed into the Internet’s best original content producer.

is the strongest "Star Wars" Ali entertainment and Sina entertainment CO produced reality show, the first show is Mo Xiaoqi transformation, the program line only 3, Youku single platform playback volume has exceeded 30 million, administrative micro-blog reading reached 170 million, the heat obtained at the same time more than 30 star guests support.

constellation goddess culture media also launched a "star honey" APP and other constellations related products. It is reported that the constellation goddess still many attempts, started to build the network TV series to sign as the theme of the show, the Internet network arts and IP movie into the constellation goddess of the industrial landscape, hoping to build a constellation of industrial ecological chain, seek industry realized profits from.

Mo Xiaoqi said that in recent years due to the involvement of the Internet, the whole industry system have undergone structural changes in the film industry, this change is particularly prominent, and the film industry to the Internet from their cross-border business is to reform and the changes of the times.

Mo Xiaoqi think entrepreneurship should choose their own special love of the field, so that there is enough passion, because they like to study the constellation, so I hope to make some achievements in this field. She was grateful for this rapidly changing Internet era, so that she can accumulate in a cavity of peace and enthusiasm in this era to do their favorite things.