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platform to run away, and some have access to Baidu plus V certification and promotion on Baidu wealth; the young president on CCTV about their stories show parents praise its girlfriend for sensible, practical; some involving the famous third party platform net loan eye in the sky, the founder wrote farewell. Leave the net loan industry……


as of February 2015, platform has reached 494, of which, including pure fraud, run away to cash difficulties, poor management of business platform, the active intervention of type four categories.

does not seek death will not die, in fact, a lot of the collapse of the platform has its own idea or wonderful or "cause of death".


platform is behind the step on mine investors long adults Road, the game is also mixed with large, small, net loan celebrity, black mouth, Heituo, black and other investors and the interests of right and wrong.

below is the twelve representative P2P problem platform, according to the time of the platform problems


twelve representative burst P2P platform data (as of March 13, 2015)

1, gold loans, the first case of domestic P2P industry vicious foot cases

on June 3, 2012 on the line, on foot in June 8th, this platform only survived less than 6 days – it is the Gansu P2P platform gold loans. Similar to other P2P platform, a line of gold loans, launched the second mark and other marketing methods to attract a large number of investors. After second days on the line, investors have questioned the details of the transaction on the site, but this did not cause the second standard off their attention.

fund-raising one million yuan, the official gold rush QQ group disbanded, customer service can not be contacted, the person in charge of Chen Jinlei’s phone is also turned off. Subsequently, the establishment of a gold loan victims activist QQ group and report to the police.

is a fantastic idea that drama, took place in this 6 days. During this period, investors and partners – IPS unsuccessful negotiations. Investors should be invited, after the third party industry site intervention rights, and achieved relatively good results.

industry insiders pointed out that the gold loan fraud incident is the first case of domestic P2P net loan industry vicious foot. "Before the platform closed due to poor management, but the money run away gold loan should be considered first, negative impact on the entire industry, it is self-evident."

2, the net loan first case of "excellent and easy network fraud case


network on August 18, 2012 officially launched. In December 21st of the same year, the three person in charge of the platform (Miao Zhong Ying, Wang Yongguang, Cai Yuezhen) on foot". April 16, 2013, Jiangsu, Rugao police successfully arrested in Hainan and Wang Yongguang. 201>