1 U.S. ticketing network Eventbrite financing $60 million temporarily IPO


technology news Beijing time on April 23rd morning news, according to U.S. technology blog Venturebeat reported that the United States online ticketing website Eventbrite financing $60 million, but not to IPO (initial public offering).

Eventbrite through the group (T. Rowe Price) and tiger Global Fund (Tiger Global) financing $60 million. For a mature company, Eventbrite is still slightly strange financing. But for many companies, this is not the temperature of the IPO market is not listed as an increasingly attractive choice. After this financing, the total amount of Eventbrite financing will reach $135 million, while the round of financing will be used to expand the international market, promote the mobile terminal business, and hire more employees.

news: http://s.www.admin5.com/article/20130423/499663.shtml? 1366706040

2 SouFun response agency questioned the report: incorrect conclusion

news April 23rd, according to research released third copies of glaucus questioned the report today, SouFun responded. Report that Mo Tianquan, chairman of the housing through related party transactions for personal gain.

responded as follows:

short body gelaokesi research once again to release the report of egoistic prejudice, soufun. Unfortunately, the report is also based on inaccurate, incomplete facts, it deliberately misleading speculation, resulting in misleading and incorrect conclusions. We make the following comments on the report:

1, as the founder of the room, our chairman has been working with a variety of resources dedicated to the overall growth of the room, as long as the regulations, whether or not to pay for these resources room. Private Held Company in Beijing Pukai Shijie Cci Capital Ltd, chairman of our major shareholder, it provides consulting services for housing, it disclosed in the relevant reports, the service is free. It should also be added, because the services associated with the room is not important, there is no specific disclosure in the 20-F report.

2, on the Sanya property: no new content, we have explained before.

reiterated that the room is welcome to provide views on business, corporate governance and comments, even if some of the content does not meet the facts. We believe that these comments and reviews are useful and can improve future operations. We firmly believe that through unremitting efforts and positive attitude of management and staff, the housing will be bigger, better, stronger.