September 27th news, according to media reports, Twitter CEO, Evan · Williams (Evan Williams) yesterday in his personal blog, chief confirmed that the company has recently completed approximately $100 million in a new round of financing.

said that investors, in addition to the T. Rowe Price, before the news, as well as from the Insight Venture Partners, Institutional Venture and Benchmark Capital Partners, spark capital and other companies.

After the completion of the Twitter

financing, investment valuation has reached $1 billion, although there is no profit plan, but the founder of Twitter, insisted in the premise of not being bought alone forward, previously the company’s product manager disclosed that is trying to advertising and diversified profitable way.

Twitter had raised $55 million, including a recent financing is seven months ago, the company in February this year from Benchmark Capital and Institutional Twitter Venture Partners raised $35 million.

is reported that Twitter has about 30000000 users, they can be released through the Internet or mobile phone, in this fast growing communications website published in the length of the content of the update of the 140 characters. A technology investment banker Ken · Ma Lin (Ken Marlin) said: "this is a very clever method for Twitter, powered by Twitter financing can reserve more, in order to expand the company’s business plan."