positioning spirit bomb after 90 users, do the most adorable cartoon UGC entertainment community. In simple terms, the user through the mobile phone photos, combined with elastic shells to provide comic stickers, bubble boxes and other production tools, allowing users to create their own according to their own cave scene and story. The brand name from the Japanese anime "Dragon Ball" in the monkey.

and the traditional comic is different: the creation of cartoonist fixed image and style, the comic is a professional work, not everyone can participate in. The photo comic is a way to express themselves in DIY, very personalized. It combines the reality of life in the scene, the scene photos will become full of imagination and tension through the very two dimensional stickers, combined with bubble dialogue, users can put their brain hole to fully expand, make personalized cartoon pictures.

how to avoid the phenomenon of "meteor" products?

this product with the magic diffuse camera, DIY, hot tomato, squeezed Mark and other variety of products similar to some adorable. It is a question of people, whether it is the magic diffuse camera or face Meng, after a period of time the product fire, often faced with loss of user activity or reduce the phenomenon. Wang explained that the founder of the deep shells do not plan to do purely tool products, but to create tools as an entrance, the target for the fans of the user’s entertainment community.

is currently in a relatively primitive stage, by the creation of tools and paste, topic, comics, the three elements of the composition. Paste posted to the user to select the contents of the UGC and daily hot topics to support users like points, comments, and can share to social media, with a certain social attributes. The topic is based on the characteristics of the interests of the user, combined with the recent hot start creative activities. "The cartoon" plate, is a professional users of the original micro comic, this part of the user community Master possible future upgrades for users, for entrance into high quality and depth of content.

, the topic of interest groups will play a crucial role in the early stages of community development. Wangshen think: in addition to the tool itself playability and fun, "interest" will be to different users and attract together to create, exchange or even an important factor in the formation of the chain, and the spirit bomb is also around "interest" in the two dimension will be a variety of animation fans, entertainment products fans attracted by a topic of interest to stimulate users to continue participation and creation desire, so as to realize high quality and creative content to form a chain of interest based on relationship.

with the game design ideas to do community

at present, spirit bomb is in the process of rapid iteration, Wangshen new version at the end of March on the line, will support the same interest the user to establish further relationship, and provide a more interesting interactive picture creation based on. Previously, the vitality of the hot topic is very important to follow up, for example, according to the latest popular d>