since October, there have been more than and 20 net loan platform funding chain problems, this list is still long. At the same time exposed to the P2P net loan industry for many years of illness: the vast majority of enterprises for the use of funds, investment and financing projects are not standardized, information opaque phenomenon. Barbaric growth of the net loan industry is experiencing a severe test.

According to media reports, since October, there have been more than and 20 net loan platform funding chain problems, cash withdrawals are difficult, but this list is still long stretched. This is the first time since the birth of the net loan outbreak of such a large number of single issue platform.

according to industry statistics show that the whole of October, a total of 15 P2P platform closed, which only one day at the same time broke the news of the collapse of 3, 30. Among them, on the 15 day of this month, just on the line only a net loan platform for the past 3 days, Fu Xiang venture on the collapse, the record time of the shortest time in the industry".

P2P lending (Peer to Peer Lending), mainly relying on the Internet platform for the conduct of personal small loans to individuals. A similar pattern that companies tend to close, provide a platform for the demand side, demand for the release of the borrower in the loan project funded loan, after the expiration of the period according to the demand for the release of the rate of interest payments and complete the collection process. Collect intermediary commission, is a kind of profit model commonly used in such sites.

Chinese microfinance alliance chairman Du Xiaoshan believes that as of June this year, the number of China’s small loan company has more than 3 thousand home loans reached about 700000000000, although only a fraction of the current collapse, not the total, awareness is not high, but such failures produced great negative effects for the entire P2P industry.

has begun to take shape in the domestic net loan, why the collapse of the crisis?

industry diagnosis: the collapse of enterprises for less than 3 months of the new enterprise

P2P a large number of business failures, whether it is the industry’s "Domino" effect appeared? Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei told the "Shanghai Securities News" interview, said that the current closures have not hurt the industry’s fundamental, more of a shuffle.


analysis, these bankrupt enterprises are new to the company, in the fierce competition in the industry, in order to talent shows itself in order to attract investors, many companies have taken is not standardized and even radical approach, and ultimately can only bear the consequences of their.

why many P2P platform collapse phenomenon focused on the recent outbreak is mainly due to the threshold of the P2P has been reduced a lot, only a minimum of 100 thousand yuan to start a family, and almost no threshold to enter.

in this year’s Internet banking boom, many institutions, funds have been flocking into the profits, the number of new P2P companies to increase the acceleration. But these companies without precipitation, are uneven in quality.