With some website operators consulting users of communication, found that many people are more or less made some elementary mistakes, here are some common primary error, I hope to inspire you…… Primary mistake: content exists empty column or page some websites have a good framework since the early site of the entire column, so in some of the columns and page is not complete when content is added, in a hurry to launch the program, and page content many rare, or some no content. The drawback is that the site’s visitors will be very disappointed, leading to the initial impression of the site is not good, the probability of a return visit will decline significantly. The primary error two: the wrong link or empty link often this is due to the design of the website maker or audit oversight, is the most should not make mistakes, but as long as there is a little serious, you can basically avoid. The primary error three: that the rich content the better some websites in order to attract traffic, a lot of work, carefully understand what content can attract people’s attention, and continue to add new columns on the site in the final, do not know where the focus, the theme of the site is more and more clear……. The development of the Internet, it should be said that all aspects of everything, if your site is not enough and sufficient professional, even if a large amount of information for viewing are spam repeated. No special value. The primary error four: too many pop-up window browsing the pop-up window to the point of disgust has been hated, so many of the browser toolbar to screen pop-up window as one of its main functions. In the case is not special, should try to avoid pop-up window, it should avoid multiple windows pop together……. The primary error five: too fond of animation or JS function some web startups to love in some animation or small function, usually the initial entry of people think that animation is more high-tech performance, found that many JS functions can be directly from the Internet interception code, easy to be realized, will often appear practical no, but the theme of the site so much JS function is placed in the front page of the site, it will affect the overall theme of the site reflects. Primary error six: I do not know why animation move? If someone asks what is the purpose of your website animation? Some web site operators may not be answered clearly, some are just for the beautiful page, before the arrangement of every animation, should understand its purpose and function, not only to the page and vivid animation. Primary error seven: excessive use of pop – up links to pop up the benefits of the link is to retain the directory page, to reduce unnecessary return action……. Some sites can be too much use pop up links, that is the only way to browse more windows can display their own website, allowing users to pay more attention to browsing. In fact, this will tend to have a reaction, not only to increase the window to close the window of the trouble, but also to the user is not very good impression, it is recommended if the link in the station using pop-up.