after 80 CEO Chen Bo

      perhaps each of a well-known IT company will have a lot of young people like Chen Bo, who graduated from a famous university, master technology, become the dream, tired of purely technical work, hoping to get rid of other people working for the day, set up their own business.

      but not everyone is like Chen Bo’s action, this from Nanjing, Zhejiang University graduates, after working in the UT year in May 2004, with a friend co founded Hangzhou booqio Technology Co., ltd..

      Sina game manufacturers in the introduction, such a description of Bo seeking: China’s top mobile game software provider, synonymous with high quality games.

      Chen Bo said: "I never thought of working for others."

      master the computer itself is not actually Chen Bo strange, in the game, the young man was born in 1981 at the age of 3 began to come into contact with the TV game, the game machine is relatives brought back from abroad, Chen Bo himself forgot what the name of the old type name. "Contra, Super Mario earlier, is a very simple single elimination games."

      Chen Bo is playing the game to grow up, to become the CEO of the company, he will be the first time to get the "God of war" in 2, spent 14 hours clearance, and the experience posted on his blog.

      the charm of the game, is the basis of this industry, this point, when Chen Bohen was exposed to the small.

      but the game industry is a high investment, high technology and high risk areas, did not experience the capital and Chen Bo saw the mobile phone game, which area is relatively weak.

      by the end of 2003, I and another student plan to start their own business, think more like playing games, mobile games is a new industry, the prospects should be good, decided to do. Then, we went to invest, an entrepreneur gave us 1 million yuan, our company began to operate." Chen Bo said that their business plan has changed dozens of drafts, looking for investors no less than 100, while looking for investment, while improving their own. "In the process of talking to others, once we find the problem, we modify. When we find the entrepreneur who is willing to invest, the plan has been changed several times."