in January 3rd, once a year the Zhejiang Panshi Technology Co., annual meeting held in Zhejiang Province, the Great Hall of the people, this year will feature of Internet marketing, in particular, annual meeting program will be carried out to many network alliance program, simple deduction, won the audience’s bursts of applause, this also means that the network will lead the network marketing economy to a new era.


meet change dare to innovate

rock will be this year’s annual meeting theme is "to change", it conforms to the economic situation at home and abroad and the background: the U.S. economy is weak, the European debt crisis, the domestic stock market, the real estate industry gradually fall, the price does not fall to rise instead, the financing difficulty of small and medium-sized enterprises, industrial development difficult, bring uncertainties great to Chinese economic development. As far as I know, the rock at the intersection of the Internet industry and the advertising industry of the two industry, is a typical high-tech service industry, the development of the enterprise itself is changing. And they always believe that the only constant is change, embrace change, dare to innovate, the cultural concept. Based on this idea, the business is open and flexible, tough and persistent, is indeed a blazing sword. For many Chinese enterprises in transition to explore a considerable reference.

network alliance leading network marketing new economy

network alliance is formed to promote a product or service promotion alliance, the larger Google, Baidu and Ali mother, relying on the rock rock network alliance strong brand appeal and mature promotion mode, after years of careful operation, has become one of the most powerful alliance system.

annual meeting of the company in the rock show, "Snow White" family, "journey to the west", "dormitory embarrassed", is a classic story or the hot blind and other topics of vivid interpretation, and cleverly implanted rock network alliance advantage, as the story highlights the contradictions gradually, network alliance the advantage of real time implantation, ultimately, conflict once again successfully resolved, our wide coverage, strong pertinence, show diverse and cost-effective, pay the advantages of comprehensive highlights.

such as "journey to the west" embarrassed re interpretation of the Tang four on the road to the west, the daughter of the country, Tang and other three people were fascinated by the daughter of the king and other beauty, for long stay in her country, not willing to go to the west, Sun Wu air to a series of methods. Do not work, do not know how to do it. Suddenly to a master, use three inch rotten words, will use the network alliance dating advantage to the daughter of the king, 11 show, massive show of vivid image, wide coverage, accurate positioning and other advantages, let the king know "not because of a leaf and give up the whole forest, get rid of the cruel monk line Sun Wukong, also successfully achieve the goal of Buddhist scriptures.

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