line store customer experience and the scene has been so that the consumption of this business model has been more and more attention. Fresh electricity supplier excellent food Butler announced on January 6th, opened the first store in Beijing, the concept of operation based on a full range of consumer experience. Since then, the enterprise’s orientation, channel establishment, terminal construction, service process, product planning, logistics, procurement, production organization structure with all the consumer needs and habits as the core, and the line shop opened, is only the beginning". Excellent food housekeeper CEO Li Wenxian said.

in fresh areas, all retail channels gradually become the mainstream model of enterprise development to consider, in the superior food housekeeper line stores, "Securities Daily" the reporter observed, in terms of goods weighing way or payment, the next line stores the continuation of the same and online shopping experience.

Li Wenxian, the company currently paid membership conversion rate of more than 30% sales data in a more optimistic support, offline stores to choose the opening of "pure business platform has been unable to meet the current user’s shopping needs and shopping habits, the whole channel is the inevitable result of the Internet environment, business model upgrade".

online companies busy landing, the line is the integration of the enterprise online". Last December, the fruit retail enterprise Baiguoyuan announced that the completion of the acquisition of fresh rice. Baiguoyuan founder and chairman Yu Huiyong told the "Securities Daily" interview with reporters, the two companies of consumer groups are different, after the merger can complement each other, "romance can also give a fresh rice good support in the supply chain".

for the acquisition, the two companies announced news by way of cross shareholdings were reorganized, a fresh rice company and its team into Baiguoyuan line operating system, a meter of fresh brand will maintain independent operation and development.

as everyone knows, the "last mile" is a big problem in the fresh industry is not open around the enterprise, from the recent actions of view, relying on the line of stores to solve the fresh "last mile" is becoming the consensus, online customer resources can store operating capacity of feeding line, and the line of stores can also experience function a better solution delivery, customer experience and other electricity providers weak links.