4chan website screenshot

August 31st, the number of Jennifer, including Kate, Kate, including a large number of private photos of Hollywood actress, such as the theft was released to the random 4chan site on the site. This triggered a public attention to this 4chan has created more than a decade of the site. This site is known as "disgusting". "The culture and history of the site," says Vox, "commented on the 4chan, is incomprehensible to those who have never been involved."

below is surging news (www.thepaper.cn) according to the relevant information and Vox release of the 4chan guide sort out the relevant 4chan site.

1, first tell you, what is 4chan?

first look at the 4chan site visits.

the site claims that they have 20 million independent visitors, the amount of the 540 million page hits. According to the latest news, 4chan ranked 367th in the United States the most popular site, the world is the 834th. This ranking is very powerful, but we need a similar reference – Reddit forum site (U.S. social news site), which ranked eighteenth in the United States, the world is the fiftieth. In June this year, Reddit announced their access to the data in May, said there are 115 million people visit and the amount of the 5 billion page clicks.

look at the evaluation of users. Surging news found on twitter, most users do not feel good 4chan.

Brendan Keogh: I hate this site, disgusting. Where is the meaning of it? Is it the lower limit?

I Devloper Am: No, that’s not the case, Dad, I really haven’t logged on to the 4chan site.

Lilith Stinker: Please scold me when you don’t describe me as a "4chan" user.

Sean O’Neal: I just realized I passed some photos to iCloud, and I hope 4chan don’t let the cat out of the picture.

Mick Farrell: today is a really tough day, some hackers to my grandma’s Bacon Roll Recipe uploaded to 4chan website, how can I do.

, of course, 4chan website outflow Hollywood actress indecent photos for them to earn eyeballs. According to technology website Mashable reported that at the beginning, many people don’t even know what a 4chanrg is, but in recent weeks, the site became well known, and will develop more and better.

2, why say 4cha>