Beijing on January 11th news, according to foreign media reports, ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, hereinafter referred to as ICANN) responsible person said, the top-level domain concerns the company expansion and law enforcement agencies have many ways to protect the trademark, the website owner identification.

ICANN will receive a large number of expanded top-level domain names from Thursday. .com domain name service provider Verisign expects that there will be 1500 top-level domain name application. The cost of each top-level domain is as high as $185 thousand.

many companies believe that the expansion of top-level domain name is a serious problem. Some companies have hired lawyers to protect their Internet trademarks, most of which have recently been forced to apply for domain name registration to prevent their company’s trademark is registered to the adult website domain name.Xxx.

, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and other agencies have complained that sometimes the owners of the site will be some bad maintenance of their website, which makes it difficult to close such sites. In this regard, ICANN CEO rob ·, Backstrom (Rod Beckstrom) said that all domain name registrar executives will be subject to criminal background checks.

Backstrom said privacy groups and other organizations called for not to disclose the details of the site owner’s registration information, that is, WHOIS database. He said: "WHOIS is really a troublesome problem."



domain name registrar GoDaddy CEO Warren · Adelman (Warren Adelman) said that he has always supported the law enforcement agencies and some members of Congress proposed the strategy. He said: "we strongly recommend the implementation of a small-scale pilot projects, and then gradually expand the scope of."

ICANN and some well-known staff have privately said that overall, the international organizations in the management of the Internet such a difficult task is doing quite well, but sometimes not clearly explain the reasons for its decision, which makes it seem rude.

as concerns on the part of the company’s trademark infringement in response to Backstrom in early May at the center for strategic and International Studies (Center for Strategic and International Studies) said in a speech, ICANN will announce the top-level domain name applicants information and receive complaints. He said that the trademark infringement site will be closed quickly.

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