with the development of electronic commerce, the traditional e-commerce has many large enterprises have a lot of money and have rich experience in the management team of the occupied junior entrepreneurs think it is very difficult to cut. But in recent years, the field of electronic commerce has changed a lot, and the differentiation of e-commerce and the innovation of mode bring many new opportunities for many entrepreneurs. Month order system is a new round of popular U.S. and European electricity supplier model. Maybe we can find out the breakthrough point of the breakthrough of e-commerce by using the new model through the analysis of the foreign successful monthly order system type website and the domestic type of website.

month order system is currently a new round of European and American popular electricity supplier model. When the commodity is busy working cycle consumption but he always have no time even forgot to buy, when men hate shopping for each on the mall to pick clothes and feel a headache, when in love couples don’t know how to date more warm and romantic. A monthly subscription model may have a better solution.

month ordering site requires members to pay a monthly fee, and then the website will be sent to you on a monthly basis to a certain amount of specific products. Of course, before buying the site will be based on the questionnaire filled by customers to understand the customer needs the product size, style, color and other information. From the current high-end cosmetics, shoes and socks to men’s underwear this month pantyhose ordering business sales model has been applied in different industries, and achieved great success, but also let more people see the potential.

domestic and foreign monthly subscription model website case:

BeautyMint: This is a company founded in October 2010 personalized skin care products electricity supplier website, the site is only 24 hours in the launch of the visit will exceed 500 thousand. The user answer detection design according to their own skin problems beautician skin condition test, to know their skin for skin care products. Web site will also be based on the user’s skin test before, in different regions and seasons recommended skin care products.

Trunk Club: this month to buy clothes for men ordering business website is also very popular. The website through the questionnaire to understand consumer preferences and tastes, the goods mailed to the user Trunk Club will send a FCL user may love clothes and shoes, the user can contact and professional clothing collocation problems after the receipt of wearing adviser. For the goods do not like to mail users can also be returned, only to pay for the goods you like.

BeCouply: this website is a "book" dating website, the website will pay a fee to users a month later, on a monthly basis to help users to arrange a romantic date, to help solve the love of couples who don’t know how to date more romantic problems.

socks housekeeper: foreign monthly ordering model also attracted domestic entrepreneurs imitation. Sox Butler launches regular delivery service since November 2010. User can