recently, Ningxia Telecom Co., Ltd. to monitor the DNS server was hacked, affecting some of the user’s network access. After investigation, hackers launched the "distributed denial of service (DDOS), led by a large number of server resources occupied, causing some users affected normal internet.

 , in China, most of the DDOS attacks from the United States, accounting for 39%, while China is the main goal of denial of service attacks, accounting for 63%. This is part of the Asia Pacific and Japan Internet security threat report. China became the main target of DDoS attack. According to reports, all can lead to legitimate users can not access the behavior of the normal network services are denial of service attacks".

  DdoS attack has become the most simple way to reap huge profits hackers. DdoS attack is the use of attacks by hackers to attack multiple servers simultaneously to achieve the purpose of blocking normal users to use services. The rampant Ddos has become the most headache problem for technical personnel, the attack time sometimes up to several hours for some days, bring immeasurable losses to the site operators, there are web sites because of the long suffering similar attacks and can not continue to operate, to close, even to the server or the entire cabinet paralyzed. In this case, the user can do nothing, in addition to waiting room to solve the problem. But many of the domestic computer room because there is no DDOS hardware firewall, can only do some temporary remedies. Some users buy their own firewall, but due to the limited bandwidth, when high bandwidth DDOS attacks, the network will soon be blocked, which means the load is not much hardware firewall, the firewall access bandwidth is exhausted, the last network will be attack paralyzed, if buy another Gigabit bandwidth, but expensive price prohibitive.

  in this case, Chinese domain network and Shanghai Telecom online e-commerce, firewall three giants together to create DDOS attack protection zone, the establishment of the DDOS attack protection area, is currently the DDOS attack protection area of Shanghai’s largest telecom, mainly by Shanghai Telecom bandwidth, Shanghai domain network equipment, provide technical support the real-time dynamic monitoring.