net ( is currently the world’s only a collaborative C2C mall system operation based products and services company, —Vmall collaborative C2C mall system of its own, using PHPMySQL development, has the advantages of high efficiency, safety and compatibility etc., suitable for all kinds of professional and local community website, the webmaster can quickly build a community e-commerce website of their own. Following 09 years in February to release the network to win the community mall plan, its model has been widely praised. In order to meet the needs of the community owners, Vmall 1 PHP version was released recently.

at present, community website has reached the number of millions of people, the community website is to interested users and common hobbies and activities based on the collection, the community website user participation and user viscosity is high, combined with the characteristics of community website owners can own industry and regional and flexibility, to carry out community E-commerce using its own appeal, focus on solving these website internal resource value is not valid, or lack of mining sites profit model is too single, website content and user experience and website commercial conflict problem.

therefore, collaborative C2C mall system network net launched (Vmall) and ancillary products, it has a "sustainable development", "integrated low cost" and "comprehensive income" three abilities, and can flexibly build between advertising mode, B2C mode and C2C mode, in order to meet the needs of different the types, different period and different ability of website. The basic operation and investment assistance services are also provided in the free mall system light at the same time, the foundation work of lightweight mall, in order to ensure the owners of small investment, not only can give the community website to provide products and services to meet the needs of the community website users special needs, can bring traffic and other external resources to the community, and can let the webmaster have more focus on the business community and the mall.

Characteristics and advantages of


1, with the community marketing as the core, online trading as a means to maximize the commercial value of the community. Different from the existing general-purpose systems on the market, Vmall mall, not just positioned in a trading platform, but the pursuit of community content and business information, community users and businesses efficient interaction.

2, through the alliance with the business community to reduce the proportion of non core business. The union unified treatment of non core business, such as business classification, payment system, guarantee system, credit system, security system, business services and training and other infrastructure work, reduce the workload in the mall based on business and cost. Allows the community to focus on the strength of the high efficiency of the transaction expansion.

3, risk sharing, exclusive benefits. Through cooperation, by the alliance to undertake a large number of basic services business services and training, credit management, payment security, business classification management, minimize the site in the non core