many of the questions asked by the novice, many may be too simple, we all do not want to answer, or too lazy to answer, because the more simple the more difficult to explain the problem clearly. Why write this stuff is to let people just contact the WINDOWS server or are in use for some time, but still remain perplexed despite much thought of friends on WIN, SERVER of peanut, DNS, domain name, on IP, on the port and its mapping, on IIS, on the mail server, firewall, for…… > > @[email protected]< if you still have some place do not understand, please do not worry about the Forum on their own questions, their own carefully from the past to learn, to hear the knowledge inside to think about it in the. Every time you answer a question, on behalf of you on this part of knowledge more deeply, and you become the master of the day is coming.

1, starting from the operating system

1, select the Server family system

if we want to build a stable and powerful web server, we must use a system that supports network services. In the WINDOWS system collection as a server system has the previous NT Server series, there are now more popular 2000 Server, 2000 Advanced Server, as well as the future of the.Net Server series. For peanut users, as a personal website or the establishment of a small company website, both in terms of speed and performance compared with the use of Windows 2000 Server is more appropriate. After the introduction will be based on this system.

also reminded that, now the D version of the market to buy WIN2000 is mostly patched, which is called the SP version. Microsoft’s latest patch is SP3. When you choose the best buy version of SP3, can be a lot of time, the Internet patch Oh:
software installation system

default mode to install the WIN2000 SERVER system on it. Most of the features we use are. After the installation is complete. We have installed dial-up software, I personally recommend RASPPPOE and NetVoyager, before the installation of a more complex, for the novice us or choose a simple well: NetVoyager) is a Korean dial-up software series, a kind of principle and RASPPPOE, binding on the card a deal with ISDN the dial also supports automatic dialing, OK:


the installation of this software is also very simple, non-stop NEXT on the OK. After the completion of the installation of his new icon on the desktop, enter your account number and password, you can connect to the INTERNET that we are