Beijing time on June 11th, according to New York Times reported that LinkedIn is a data company, but it does not protect their data.

last week, hackers break the site, stealing 6 million user passwords, these passwords are not protected. Password was announced in the Russian hacker forum, everyone can see. Not everyone was surprised that LinkedIn was attacked. Every day, the company’s computer systems are under attack. In fact, CBS music network and dating site eHarmony also attacked last week, millions of passwords stolen.

LinkedIn casual

lets customers and security experts surprised that, in order to collect large amounts of data and rely on its profitable business, how simple data protection. The leaks have raised suspicions about LinkedIn’s computer security. Although the invasion continues to increase, but some companies with customer data continues to bet on their own computer security.

San Francisco

computer security company Cryptography Research (Paul Kocher) hecksher said: "if they ask those who know all the details of the security password, it will not happen."

The reason for

‘s problem is that it is partly due to a careless attitude towards data protection, which is very rare. No legal fine. Customers rarely lost. In LinkedIn, for example, its share price actually rose after the spill.

really let everyone worry about the problem is that LinkedIn is not a start-up company, nor is it a data is not familiar with the enterprise. In May last year, it successfully IPO, it has a lot of cash, it is recruiting senior talent, but also profitable. It has 160 million members who share their business relationships and want to build a broader and more efficient network. They want their network to be protected.

Buzzmedia professional musician, product manager Smith (Craig Robert Smith), said: I hope LinkedIn do better. But I did not delete the account, because it is a network with the recruitment, network related." It is not clear how hackers hack into the system, but also do not know how long they stay in the system. There are no LinkedIn chief security officer, let him supervise the leak. Senior vice president of · company; Hunter (David Henke) and security issues, and other duties.

hacking a second test one million password

if a grade to F level to evaluate, the most senior level, experts say LinkedIn, eHarmony and can take up to D. The user’s password, the company’s most important place