Hello! My literary talent is not very good but everyone, look, I just want to say I am some opinions on the movie station, if not also not abuse common learning and common development.

my first stop was the movie station. First, why I do a movie, then I feel full of fun and make the movie he is full of love, do the first station when all I think of is how to do the best, and not think what is suitable for promotion, how to promote, what words, what SEO can do say, so the site for a year no more than a few IP (say.). After the past year, I found that I thought and the people are not a minority, what do not understand what is called HTML people to do the movie station.

the first station after a year of wind and rain finally laid off, learn from the experience of the new registration of a domain name www.vcdqu.cn, learning some simple SEO, and finally a little harvest.

now "movie website this road can go far".

movie stations for the Internet share: now I think that movie website has accounted for 50% of the Chinese Internet, but most are garbage station, I do Vcdqu is rubbish station (Baidu can stand 50% movie station?)

movie website with the program: since Marx came out most of the webmaster are in use, and now you have downloaded data program 5000 2000 (what I just said is part of my Vcdqu is for Marx) thought about 10 owners to use this program there are 10 websites are the same 100, a webmaster is repeated 100 times. Do people who watch movies don’t mind Baidu,


movie website copyright: this does not say that we all understand.

movie website hotlinking resources: now with 56 potatoes, youku…. A lot of people. This is not a permanent solution, some time ago I heard that the 56 joint Baidu blocked hotlinking site does not know is not true.

Content of

movie website: I think a lot of people have added ethical film and be warned by space business. We all know that ethics film to flow fast, but always can not violate the law in order to point traffic.

movie website profitability: many people rely on Google but Google banned in the movie station, other advertising alliance is not a letter but it is difficult to apply.

there are a lot of time also can not remember to write here!