blog as a marketing tool, play a role in the transmission of network information. It has the characteristics of autonomy, flexibility, low input, which is more and more enterprises, stars love. From Xu star blog to Song Zude, Pan Shiyi, Wang Shi’s boss blog. More and more stars, bosses have learned to use the blog on the Internet and the old hype their own company.

blog marketing can directly bring potential customers for the company, in the open free blog portal website, industry website has also reduced the cost of promotion, the search engine is more love included original content which also increases the enterprise on the network exposure, the blog has become one of the ideal ways of establishing enterprises, brand website. Enterprise blog to bridge the naturally or half unconsciously barrier free communication between the public and enterprise network.

With the growing awareness of corporate marketing,

blog marketing will be more and more people understand. We are lamenting the benefits of corporate blog marketing to bring us a lot of problems. Recently, even Jin received a lot of network marketing channels of access, in the light of the problem of corporate blog marketing, elaborated his views and views.

learn to choose the platform and then start

companies want to let more Internet users to see their own blog, it involves the choice of many network platform. Lian Jin said: first of all, when the platform for different companies to choose, to focus on the platform of the potential customer focus, and how to explore these platforms, mainly through data analysis. In the face of different industries is also related to research documents and data accumulation, through the usual practice and experience summary, various industries to determine his target audience, we must first understand the audience of the product. For example, skin care products, women of different ages of the different requirements of the product, and women will often pay attention to some of the women’s information section, so the choice of the platform to be determined by the consumer. Secondly, choose the "right" type of business platform for the most advantageous, because the enterprise product selling point is different, therefore, the right is the most important, but not popular platforms, but ignore the relationship between grasp; as the saying goes, "wine is not afraid of deep alley, have good products, proper accumulation, adhere to the update can achieve marketing effect.

Lian Jin for a lot of cited a case: take the water soluble film, when a customer holding his product, personally for me to do the water solubility test, the average person is not easy to believe. But when I was doing a blog marketing for the company, I wrote a piece of organic plastic in the water, the chemical reaction into water and carbon dioxide and digest the article. Later, the article was reprinted, has been widespread concern of environmental protection enterprises, and now most of the products have been exported abroad.


blog about who


company to engage in the blog, you can choose to have actual literary skills, to catch information Pu ability, and more flexible to reflect the information source of the fast judgment of people to this role is a good way to. >